Welcome to My Aone Learning Singapore

My Aone Learning serves as an online marketplace for learners, instructors and institutions

We think “Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn”.

My Aone Learning is one of the Asia’s first online marketplaces where instructors and students can list, browse and book for offline lessons. The types of lessons include home tutoring, sports, music and dance, martial arts, art and design, technology and personal development.

On top of that, My Aone Learning also serves as an online directory for learning institution in your region. No matter it is a tuition center, swimming school, bakery and culinary academy, dance studio, MMA gym, home-based teaching groups, you can find it on MyAoneLearning.com !

No matter who you are, we believe that you have a skill that you can share with others, and at the same time you might also wish to gain some new knowledge from another.

We love to connect anyone who wishes to teach and anyone with a desire to learn

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As a Learner, you can

  • Find your favorite lesson and instructor
  • Search for your best learning institution
  • Post a lesson request to recruit instructor

As an Instructor, you can

  • Promote your lesson package
  • Look for students and learners
  • Apply for lesson requests posted by learners

What is Learning Institution?

  • Tuition centre
  • Daycare centre
  • Kindergarten
  • Swimming school
  • Music academy
  • Baking and culinary academy
  • Dance studio
  • Muay Thai and MMA gym
  • Private group classes
  • Home-based teaching groups
  • College and University ………….. and many more!

As a Learning Institution, you can

  • Promote your center or learning group
  • Look for students and learners
  • Recruit instructors
  • Display promotion and coupon

Baby Darren - My Aone Learning Mascot

Hi there! I’m Baby Darren. I am the mascot of My Aone Learning. I am illustrated in different actions, representing diverse types of lessons that we offer on our online skill marketplace. Now I am even featured in various mobile game apps on IOS platform. Download them at AppStore today! :)


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